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5E Adventurer's Journal

This item is available for Preorder!

We've partnered up with the amazing folk at Trinity Knot Studio to bring you these amazing 5E compatible Adventurer's Journals!

You know it, we know it. There's about 700 gigantic notebooks, with 800 different loose sheets stuffed in, in your "Tabletop Corner". Well, we have some good news!

There's no more need to worry about Gribbledorf the BEAT BEAST (Original, no stealing!) sharing any room in your notebook with Kyal the high-elf Paladin who drinks too much - taking out all the loose papers and half-empty journals before they litter your 10-year-old campaign trail.

Each book contains 10 pages beautifully designed by @LuckyMaggiePie, and 41 blank pages to let your creativity work for you- whether it be writing a log of how many times Kyal drank within the past hour; doodling on your rendition of the BBEG's face, or even actually using it to keep notes on the game. (We won't judge. much.)

Our printer partner uses environmentally certified and recycled papers, (might we add from sustainable sources too!)  and use wonderful vegetable based ink. (Not to mention, they recycle their waste.)

Group Journals

Here's a fun fact for scrolling far down - We'll give you a hefty discount if you buy a group of five journals. Thought we'd let you know, if you're a GM looking to get a kit to help players hit the ground running.


What the heckin is a preorder?

We're way to excited to get this thing out the door that it hasn't even came through it yet! We offer some of our products that we _know_ are going to be arriving to be reserved by our customers. That way, you have the ability to grab your copy sooner than the rest.

A reminder, this is a reservation, not a purchase. If we feel the product may take too long, we may shoot you a message, giving you options, including a refund.

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